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The County Council has erected signs reading Youlgreave although the Post Office believes that the village is Youlgrave. Local schoolteacher Mr. J. W. Shimwell has compiled the following list of alternative spellings which he has traced from the year 1086 onwards. As he correctly points out, much of the confusion is due to the fact that when documents were being compiled, the monks or clerics spelt the village's name just as it was pronounced by the individual giving the information.

Giolgrave Yolgrave Jalgrave
Hyolgrave Hyolegrave Yolgreff
Yoleg Yolegreve Yolegrave
Youlgraue Welegreve Yoelgreve
Oelereve Yelegreve Yeolegreve
Yolgreave Yolgreve Yollegreve
Jol've Zolgrelf Yollgreve
Yollgrewe Yollegrewe Youlgreve
Youlgrave (1492) Zolgreff Yolgreyva
Yolgreyve Yeolgreave Youlgreave (1595)
Yellegrave Yollogreve Yollograve
Yeollgreave Youldgreave Yograve
Isgrave Yalgrove Yolegreue
Jolegreue Iolegrave Jholegreve
Yelegrave Yellegrave Iolgrave
Yholgreve Yelgreve Zolgreve
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