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Winster mere Winster mere

Mosey Mere was once the water supply to Islington village which once stood near these crossroads and behind The Miner's Standard, but this small mining village has long since completely disappeared.

This mere is said to hold its water due to being built on a thin bed of volcanic lava however mere builders generally worked to traditional skills. They would first excavate a circular hollow with sloping sides that would make the water easily accessible to cattle and sheep. This was then lined with several inches of slaked lime to form an impermeable layer. Next prepared clay was tamped against the base and sides of the hollow by working upwards to ground level. The clay was covered with a layer of gravel or ashes and pitched with stone and finally the rim was strengthened with stone and gravel.
There is a misconception about so-called 'dew ponds' in that they are not topped up by morning dew but take their name from an 18th century maker named Dew.

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