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Cromford Bridge Chapel sits on the older, downstream side of Cromford Bridge. It is thought to be 15th century and one of very few left in the whole of England. It was probably built when the bridge was timber as a place for travellers to give thanks for their safe arrival here and to pray for an uneventful continuation of their journey. A guiding lantern may have shone through the small round window which can be seen here through the old arched doorway.
By the 16th century, the building was in use as a parochial chapelry of Wirksworth but by the mid-1600s was no longer used as a place of worship.At one stage in its history the chapel was used as a cottage, pulled down by Arkwright 2 in 1796 when the new church was built.
A restoration was carried out in 1952 by the Derbyshire Archaeological Society.
A few steps lie between the outer walls and turf-covered mounds indicate where the foundations extended 30 ft along the river bank.

Cromford Bridge chapel
Cromford Bridge chapel Cromford Bridge chapel
Cromford Bridge chapel
The bridge holds other surprises as it also has a Fishing Temple and a curious inscription.
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