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St Mary's Well at Hardwick Hall

At Hardwick Hall on the South side of the Old Hall is the stone arched canopy that was St. Mary's Well. The canopy once supported a lead cistern which was filled by a pump. From here the water in the cistern fed by gravity to the hall in lead pipes to supply two further cisterns in the Low Larder. An inventory of 1601 refers to these 'sesterns of lead'. Servants carried the water from these cisterns throughout the house.
Today we take our water supply for granted and cannot imagine the effort involved in transporting all the water necessary for the upkeep of such a large household by hand.

However, as part of a number of improvements to the estate, Thomas Crump of Derby was asked to provide a steam engine to pump water to the New Hall and a pump hose with its tall detached chimney was built with stone from the Hardwick quarries in 1859.

Hardwick St Mary's Well

Hardwick pump house

Steam engine pump house.


Hardwick pump house chimney

Hardwick Stable yard pump

Victorian hand pump in the Stable yard.

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