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Alstonefield Green Well
Alstonefield Green Well Alstonefield village pump

Green Well was the original main source of domestic water for Alstonefield Village. With a steadily increasing population Green Well was eventually unable to cope with the extra demand for water. In the mid 19th century the Harpur-Crewe Estate built two reservoirs with a capacity of 70,000 gallons capacity for use by the village.

The reservoirs collected water from the.area known as ‘The Clays’ a pocket of clay soil lying in the fields. Clay was also extracted from here to line local ‘dew ponds’ to provide valuable watering holes for use by cattle and sheep. Local people drew their water from the reservoirs using the village pump. During dry summers it was quite common for the reservoirs to have dangerously low water levels, or even run totally dry.
At such times very strict rationing was introduced. The pump was locked up and villagers were only able to collect water at certain times of the day. In. these dry times Green Well was once again utilised.

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