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THORPE SUNDIAL in St Leonard's churchyard

St EdmundSt Leonard's church sundial at Thorpe St Leonard's church sundial at Thorpe
A sundial tops this pedestal in the churchyard of St Leonard's at Thorpe north of Ashbourne, and as it is too high to be read by pedestrians it is safe to assume it was designed for horse riders. As it stands among the gravestones one must also assume it is not in its original position. Furthermore the gnomon which casts the shadow is set at an angle of 35 degrees exactly whereas Thorpe stands on altitude 35 degrees three seconds. The design of the sundial is an exact science and this one was made by Whitehurst and it is unlikely that this famous Derby clockmaker would make such a mistake, perhaps these three angle seconds would make little difference. However it is not in situ and it is a mystery as to where it stood originally.
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