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Matlock tramway terminus

Crown Square at Matlock was the terminus of the Cable Tramway and the Tram Shelter. The cable tramway ran from Crown Square up Matlock Bank. The shelter was donated to the town by Robert Wildgoose in 1899. The central part of the shelter now stands in Hall Leys Park.

The engine house stood at the top of the hill on the corner of Rutland Street and Wellington Street. In 1890 John Smith of MAtlock suggested the idea of a cable tramway and a company was formed with George Newnes ( who founded the publishing company) mainly financing the venture. George Newnes was born at The Manse, Glenorchy Chapel in Cromford where his father was the minister. The tramway opened in 1893 and in 1898 he gave it to the Urban district Council. It finally closed in 1927.

The fare for the upward journey was double that for traveling down - it was 2d up and 1d down - this is the name of an informative book by M J Arkle entitled 'Tuppence Up, Penny Down'. 'The Matlock Steep-Gradient Tramway' is a reprint of a 1893 publication which also gives a wealth of detail.

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