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Fair Flora
Fair Flora
Fair Flora is to be found in Stoke Wood, part of the Stoke Hall estates a statue named after the Roman goddess of flowers for the garland she holds.
Fair Flora had an eventful history before being located in her present position.
Original she was at Chatsworth House until being given to Stoke Hall. Unfortunately after arriving at Stoke Hall there came ill-fortune and even hauntings. It was decided that Fair Flora was to blame and thus she was moved to her present location.
Local traditions tell different tales, generally that the statue is a memorial to a daughter of Stoke Hall who either died at the hands of a jealous lover or drowned in the Derwent as she was eloping.
In 1984 Stoke Hall Quarries, who allow Flora to receive visitors, joined with Eyam Woodlands Parish Council to have her cleaned and restored.
Class 6 Grindleford Primary School made an interesting film on Fair Flora - well worth watching


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