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Buton Crescent

Buxton Crescent was opened in 1784. Built by John Carr for the Fifth Duke of Devonshire with a view to developing the ancient spa it cost 120,000.

Traditionally this is said to have been paid for from the profits of his copper mines at Ecton in the Manifold Valley but this is given little credence at Chatsworth. Built of local stone along with the impressive domed stables.

Henry Curry, covered the circular exercise area in the centre of the stables with a huge iron-framed dome covered in slate. Until recently this was the largest unsupported dome in the world.

The stables were later to become the Devonshire Hospital which closed in 2000 and then converted by the University of Derby, as the centrepiece of their Buxton campus.

The position of the Crescent at the foot of the Slopes is believed to be due to a stubborn landowner who asked too much for the preferred imposing site on the hill top.

St.Anne’s Well, one of the seven wonders of the Peak, faces the Crescent and St. Anne’s Chape stood here until it was closed by Henry VIII.

Old Buxton Market Place stands on the hill top, and claims to be the highest market place above sea level in England. It still keeps the stump of its old cross.

Buxton crescent
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