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The Hall is a Jacobean house - Jacobean indicates the period of English history that coincides with the reign of James I (1603–1625).

The present hall appears to contain nothing earlier than 1609, the date the core of the present building is said to have gone up.

In 1670 the Hearth tax was assessed on 18 hearths.

Between December 1643 and February 1644, the house was garrisoned by Col. Fitzherbert for the King, and siege works were constructed opposite which were later mistakenly thought to be the remains of a medieval moat.

John Smith and Sons of Derby was founded in 1856 upon the death of the last of the famous Whitehurst clockmakers to whom John Smith had been apprenticed. Whitehurst clocks made between 1713 and 1788 are still to be found in perfect working order including Great Tom, the clock at St. Paul's Cathedral. The earliest known Whitehurst clock in Derbyshire is dated 1738 and is in Tissington Hall. Whitehurst sundials made in the 1760s stand in Morley and Thorpe churchyards.

Tissington Hall
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