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Summerley coke ovens
Summerley coke oven Summerley coke oven

SUMMERLEY COKE OVENS are a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

There is a range of 48 coke ovens to the east of the line of the former Midland Railway Unstone loop much of which is followed by a public footpath.

Main structure of the range is of stone, with the ovens, arches, steps and chimneys of brick. All space surrounding the ovens within the structure is filled with stone and brick rubble.

The ovens are arranged in groups of twelve, six to each side of a chimney. They were serviced directly by sidings from the loop line. Like the railway, they date from the early 1870s and continued in use until 1921.

The ovens were in very poor condition in 2010 extremely overgrown and difficult to access. A few have been propped up but no permanent remadial work is obvious.

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