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Ramshawe Lodge coke ovens
Ramshawe Lodge coke ovens
Ramshawe Lodge coke ovens to the east of Unstone Green at SK 378770 Remains of beehive coke ovens now incorporated into the ornamental grounds of Ramshawe Lodge which was originally the Unstone Colliery Manager's house.
An upper row of eleven ovens are simple domes constructed of a single skin of header bricks covered with stone and earth: 10ft diameter and 6ft 3ms high. The wall is vertical for 2ft 6ins above the ground and there is a charging hole of 10ins diameter at the top of each oven. Some were used as pig sties in later years.
The lower range of ovens is hidden in the shrubbery and covered with ivy. All the ovens originally belonged to Rangeley & Co. and again date from the coming of the railway.
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