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The partial remains of a water-powered system for pumping spring water from the Wye Valley to Cressbrook village above can be seen at SK166729 in Miller's Dale.

In order to overcome water shortages on the high ground, rivers were sometimes used, not as supplies in themselves but to provide power for pumping water from springs in the valley to the village above. Such means were employed in the early 1900s on the River Wye between Litton and Cressbrook Mills for raising water to Cressbrook village. There are still the partial remains of a small waterwheel, and of the weir, leat and pumping house which were constructed through the generosity of a local benefactress.

Remains of a waterwheel (two metal sides) which was undershot with a part stone/part brick building by the side of the path. There is a pool of water in front of the building with a cast iron pipe.
A 25m long and 1m wide leat runs from the weir to the water wheel and appears to be brick built on the river side.
The leat wall is broken just below the weir and overflows back into the river.

Cressbrook pump

waterwheel on left hand side of path pumphouse on the right

Cressbrook pump

waterwheel showing bucket ledges

Cressbrook pump

both sides of waterwheel

Cressbrook pump

weir and leat

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