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Bradford Dale springwater pump
Bradford Dale springwater pump
remains of springwater pump

Bradford Dale is a relatively short Derbyshire Dale running from its source at Middleton by Youlgrave to where it joins the River Lathkill at Alport. Although short the dale is interesting and varied.

At its source is the overgrown waterwheel pump used in the past to pump spring water up to Middleton – the original spring is now very slow running.

There is also an old sheepwash. Sheep were washed in the River Bradford at SK 199633 where there are still remains of the collecting pens. Sheep were brought here from some distance around until the practice ceased in the inter-war years. Land nearby, called Gooseholme, is said to have been used for grazing geese.

Bradford Dale sheepwash
Bradford Dale sheepwash


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