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This Derbyshire colliery was probably in use along with other mines in the Buxton area from 1780-1880.
Danebower Colliery was abandoned in 1922 and then reopened whilst pillars were robbed between 1926 and 1928
The furnace and chimney were constructed during the early 19th century, but only the chimney now remains. The chimney is square and tapers slightly towards the top. It stands 8m tall and 1.3m wide at the base. The construction is of well-mortared freestone with walls about 0.4m thick. It is almost complete except for some missing stone at the top. It served the boiler of a surface haulage engine and a rope trough leads from the engine bed to the capped shaft. Next to the shaft is a circular area which is the probable site of a horse gin.
Danebower colliery
Danebower colliery
Danebower colliery
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