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Hob’s house Cave in Monsal Dale is at an altitude of 800 ft (240 m) and has a length of length 80 ft (24 m).

It is a narrow descending fissure at the back of the landslips.

A human skeleton of early British date was found among the debris at the bottom but no attempt at excavation has been recorded.

Also known as Hob Thirst Hole, Hob Hurst House or Hob's Hurst Cave, and often confused with Thirst House in Deepdale, with descriptions of one cave applied to the other, etc. Also known as Monsal Dale Cave.

Legend has it, that Hob was a giant who emerged at night to thresh the corn of local farmers, who in turn rewarded him with a bowl of cream.

Fossil Coral: Two types of coral are common. Solitary corals have cup or cone shaped external skeletons while compound forms live in colonies with their individual skeletons attached to each other. They are easy to identify in cross-section as both forms show radial walls extending from a central region to the outer wall. Good examples of both forms can be seen in many of the land-slipped blocks of Hob's House below Fin Cop in Monsal Dale.

Hob's house
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